Secure Remote Access for any platform

SiteManager Embedded

Secure Remote Access for any platform

SiteManager Embedded

SiteManager is the advanced IoT edge gateway component of the Secomea Solution which enables both industrial remote access and machine data collection with edge computing functions in a single unit.

SiteManager ensures seamless and secure remote connectivity to your industrial equipment and IIoT devices while allowing you to collect data from multiple devices and send that data to different cloud solutions for further analysis. The SiteManager IoT Edge Gateway is available as a robust, industrial, graded DIN-mountable device or as software which can be embedded on Windows or Linux computers, HMIs, IPCs, or other systems.

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Secure Remote Access for any platform

SiteManager Embedded

Secomea SiteManager Embedded is a software gateway installed on a PC, server, IPC or HMI panel and enabling it to operate as secure access gateway. It runs seamlessly with the operating system and other applications in the background as a service, requiring very little in the way of system resources.

Regardless of operating system, SiteManager Embedded is activated by the same license. There are two license types to choose from: BASIC, that allows cost-effective access to the platform it is installed on, or EXTENDED that turns the platform into a full-feature remote access gateway.

Secomea SiteManager Embedded

Multiple OS and CPU support

  • Windows 32/64 bit x86
  • Windows Embedded x86
  • Windows Compact (CE7) x86*
  • Windows Compact (CE7) ARM*
  • Linux x86 (various distros)
  • Linux ARM Raspberry Pi
  • Linux ARM (various distros) *
  • VxWorks ARM*

    * May be subject to custom integration.

SiteManager embedded schematicKey Features

Connect multiple devices simultaneously

Connect up to 10 devices of all types of industrial equipment via UDP/TCP, using the equipment’s native protocols (e.g. Modbus, PROFINET, EtherCAT; EtherNet/IP etc.).

Flexible license activation

Install, configure and connect to a GateManager M2M server at no cost. Activation license can be applied remotely from the GateManager with a single click only when needed.

Uses the platform’s connectivity options

Transparently utilizes the platform’s Internet access method, such as Ethernet, 4G, WiFi etc., controlled by the platform’s own firewall and other security measures

Drag & drop SCADA tunneling setup

LogTunnel support provides static tunnel connections to a central SCADA system, which operates concurrently with other services, such as on-demand access and data collection module.

Intelligent data collection module

Apart from Remote Access, the Linux version can collect data from field devices via e.g. Modbus OPC UA, CIP or S7, and push relevant data to popular clouds such as Azure, AWS, EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, Secomea DCC etc.

Integrated Web UI and full API

All features of the integrated Web GUI can be managed via a JSON API, allowing the native UIs or applications to fully configure, control and monitors status from the SiteManager Embedded application.

SiteManager Software – Platform Independent IoT Gateway

The SiteManager Software (SM-E) is available for different operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, but activates using the same license. You can pre-install the SM-E on all your platforms and connect to central Access Management Servers FREE of charge. Once you need the SM-E, the license is assigned remotely with a single click. You can then choose from two license types:

Basic license: Cost-effective access to the platform where SM-E is installed.
Extended license: A full-featured remote access gateway.

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