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Media Type - Industrial Protocol solutions

Industrial Protocol Solutions

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Providing many speciality modules and gateway solutions for linking Industrial Protocols to communications systems to many automation systems. These can be backplane modules or gateways, linking dissimilar systems.

Fibre Optic Solutions

Fastest, cleanest, and most reliable data communications

Providing Fibre Optic devices for a whole range of different solutions. Whether it is distance or electromagnetic / transient protection for the use of fibre, we do have devices to fit the application. These include many unique products specifically for Industrial Protocols.

Media Type - Fibre Optic solutions
Media Type - Ethernet solutions

Ethernet Solutions

The most abundant media type offering versatility and stability

Managed, unmanaged and Power over Ethernet switches to ethernet extenders - from industry leaders and manufactures Westermo

Radio & Wireless Solutions

Dedicated solutions for even those peculiar places

As radio applications become more secure and robust, their use is spreading into harsh industrial environments. However, there is not a “one fit all” technology available. We design and supply a range of radio technologies of different solutions and environments.

Media Type - Radio/Wireless solutions
Media Type - Cellular solutions

Cellular Solutions

Extending your reach and capabilities through local networks

Industrial communication over a wide area is needed for many industrial applications. Whether it be remote monitoring of control system or extensions to process systems spread over a wide area. We have many applications operating in Africa.

Copper Line Solutions

Making existing communication lines more versatile

Legacy copper wiring exists everywhere. We have numerous solutions running on SHDSL and FSK technology to utilise copper wiring over long distance, including Ethernet solutions over many kilometres.

Media Type - Copper line solutions
Media Type - Serial solutions

Serial Solutions

Adding versatility and power to your communication lines

Although many industrial networks run on Ethernet, there are huge volumes of serial based devices being implemented in the industrial field globally. These include such protocols as Modbus, DNP3 and Profibus. These devices need to communicate with one another, as well as interface to new Ethernet based applications.