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Interesting & Helpful Fast Facts

Here are some interesting and helpful fast facts that will answer some questions you might have about products, protocols or solutions.

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WeOS - One-box Solution


One-box Solution

Did you know L3 WeOS is the only industrial platform with Router, Firewall, VPN and Cyber Security features built in as standard?

WeOS is one of the few switch operating systems that combines ease of use with routing, cyber security, VPN and sophisticated switch functionality all in one box. This not only makes a WeOS based device cost effective to deploy it also increases the reliability by reducing the number of components in the network. A traditional approach would mean that a system would require a switch, a router and sometimes a firewall. WeOS has everything as standard, no additional licences are required to achieve advanced highly resilient and secured solutions out of the box.

Secure your network with WeConfig


Secure your network with WeConfig

Did you know WeConfig can automatically backup all WeOS devices on a network once a day and highlight the differences if someone has tried to make changes to the configuration to allow a Cyber-attack?

WeConfig can automatically back up every device in the current project at an interval determined by the customer. The backup is compared to the default save for each device to look for changes to the configuration.

Changes to the configuration of a device are often the first signs of an all-out attack on an installation. A kind of softening up of the target before the main attack takes place. Detecting the changes is the first step in intrusion detection and preventing a full assault on the network. The changes can be small;

  1. A change to a firewall rule
  2. Adding a port to a VLAN
  3. Opening an insecure configuration protocol

The changes will be detected automatically after a backup and an alarm is raised that the configuration has changed.

Made easy VLAN configuration

Made easy VLAN configuration

Did you know that WeConfig can configure a VLAN on a group of switches with only a few clicks of the mouse?

VLAN’s are becoming one of the most used means of segregating traffic on a network. However configuring a VLAN can be complicated and requires some high level knowledge. It can be costly to employ consultants or expert personnel that manually perform the configuration on the network. VLAN configuration can now be done with only a few clicks of the mouse, so deploying a VLAN across an existing network is amazingly simple. With the help of the topology map simply select the switches where the edge devices will be connected to the VLAN and all the switches in between. Simply apply the configuration and WeConfig will update the system adding the tagged and untagged ports to the switches.

Avoid potential failure


Avoid potential failure

Did you know the DDM SFPs have a temperature sensor built into the electronics?

Although SFP failures are rare, monitoring the temperature of the SFP is an indicator to potential failure. Comparing the internal device temperature to the SFP temperature can point to a potential failure, meaning that preventive action can be taken before the SFP fails at a crucial point in time.

Westermo - Fast Power Up

Fast Power Up

Did you know WeOS devices take between 10-14 seconds to go from power on to fully operational?

The L2 and L3 managed WeOS devices can go from initial power on to fully forwarding including routing and firewall in less than 14 seconds. Some comparable products on the market can take up to a minute and some as long as 6-7 minutes. The quick boot time means that the network will be fully operational long before the PLCs, SCADA or DCS are operational. This makes the whole system boot process much quicker and with few alarms due to communication errors.