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Industrial cellular gateway brings dual benefits to Romania company

At ProSoft, we usually hear about the ICX35 Industrial Cellular Gateway being used as a remote access solution, allowing users to monitor and troubleshoot their equipment from anywhere in the world.

A water company in Cluj, Romania, recently used it for remote access, and found its protocol flexibility to be an asset as well. [. . .]

New CEO appointed for Westermo

Jenny Sjödahl is appointed to the position of CEO for the Westermo business entity with effect from 1 November, 2017

Jenny Sjödahl has been with Westermo since August 2016 in the position of Vice President Sales. Jenny has previously worked for more than 18 years in ABB in both Sweden and Singapore in sales, marketing and [. . .]

Westermo industrial router enables resilient and secure access to remote automation equipment

ADSL/VDSL2 device provides robust and secure communications to SCADA, HMI, PLCs and sensors via the Internet

Westermo has launched an industrial ADSL and VDSL2 router/modem to provide robust and secure communications to remote industrial automation equipment. The BRD-355 uses the Internet to cost-effectively inter-connect systems, allowing SCADA, HMI, PLCs and sensors to communicate with each other, a pre-requisite for any Industrial Internet of Things solution. By providing remote access [. . .]

Swedish Minister for Infrastructure meets Westermo

Pia Nilsson (S), Member of Parliament, Erik Danielsson, VP Global Industries Westermo, Anna Johansson, Minister for Infrastructure, Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO Westermo

Swedish Minister for Infrastructure Anna Johansson got the opportunity to meet Westermo during a visit to Västerås earlier in March. Westermo CEO Lars-Ola Lundkvist and Erik Danielsson, VP Global Industries presented the company and experiences from Swedish as well as international rail and infrastructure projects. [. . .]

Westermo Gigabit switches and media convertor supports growing need for higher bandwidth networks

Reliabilty, ease of use, industrial Ethernet devices suitable for heavy industrial, maritime and trackside applications

Westermo has launched three new Ethernet devices that support the growing need for higher bandwidth networks with industrial applications. Two new Gigabit switches and a media convertor offer outstanding reliability, robustness and ease of installation, making them suitable for heavy industrial, maritime and rail trackside data communication networks. [. . .]

Westermo data networks maximise availability of twin Spanish solar power plants

Westermo switches create resilient, easy to install network solution at plants supplying electricity to 45,000 homes

Highly reliable data communications networks created by Westermo are helping to maximise the availability of two thermal solar power plants in south-western Spain. The Ethernet-based networks have been installed to support the control of 225,000 mirrors at the twin La Florida and La Dehesa concentrating solar power plants. [. . .]