Westermo - designers and manufacturers of world class data communication systems for physically demanding environments

Westermo - Sweden

Westermo - designers and manufacturers of world class data communication systems for physically demanding environments

Westermo designs and manufactures data communications products for mission-critical systems in physically demanding environments. The products are used both in social infrastructure, such as transport, water and energy supplies, as well as in process industries, such as mining and petrochemical.

Westermo designs and manufactures high quality, durable and robust equipment for the following fields:

Ethernet Extenders | Fibre Optics | Remote Access | RS232 & RS485 | Switches | Ethernet

The requirement for industrial grade data communications continues to grow as industry understands that its needs differ from that of the corporate IT world. In industrial environments operating environments are tough, expected lifetimes are in excess of 10 years and the impact of failure in the field can lead to business threating situations. These factors have resulted in a demanding and fast growing market place.

The company is growing rapidly and currently has over 200 employees and global sales in excess of €50m. All development and production takes place in Sweden at the company's facilities in Stora Sundby and Västerås.

Westermo has sales and support offices around Europe and in USA, Singapore and China. Westermo also have a number of partners based in other key markets around the world.

Westermo is a world leading supplier of industrial data communications products. We manufacture a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches, Ethernet extenders, 3G/HSDPA modems, PSTN modems and Serial RS-232/422/485 converters. We also produce Serial to fibre optic modems that can be used to bridge up to 80 km, depending on the fibre type.

Our leading product group is in the industrial Ethernet arena, supplying basic unmanaged Ethernet switches, managed Ethernet switches, industrial Ethernet extenders, industrial routing switches and serial to Ethernet converters. With our complete range of high temperature rated industrial devices, Ethernet can be run or converted to serial, fibre, 3G HSDPA, WIFI and SHDSL with our Wolverine Ethernet Extenders.

Serial RS-232/422/485 has been a driving force behind modern industrial data communication. We provide a large number of Serial R-232/422/485 Converters, Repeaters and Isolators for harsh environmental conditions.

Westermo - In a nutshell

  1. Founded in 1975
  2. No. of employees: 200+
  3. 14% R&D spend
  4. Extensive IPR portfolio for key technologies
  5. Flexible production with state of the art process control
  6. Sales and support offices in 11 countries, sales partners in many others

As our world develops, the need for better and more reliable data communications will grow. Our ambition is to provide the world’s best industrial networks. Cyber security for industrial networks will become more and more important along with the ability of the network to recover from interruptions. At Westermo we have a wealth of experience in industrial communications applications. This is built in to our own products backed by our professional and skilled teams in research and development and production that will enable this vision.

Focusing on Perfection

Westermo’s ambition is to maintain return ratios below 0.25% and to be able to deliver over 98% of orders on time. To ensure the highest quality, Westermo has its own state of the art industrial electronics manufacturing facility in Sweden working to the IPC-A-610 standard.

To maximise the reliability of our products testing is carried out at many stages of the manufacturing process. Solder Paste Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection and X-ray examination are all carried out during manufacture followed by PCB testing and finally burn in testing to guarantee that Westermo products are ready for a long operational life in some of the toughest environments on the planet.

Westermo operates a quality assurance system complying with ISO-9001:2008 verified by DNV.