Providing Fibre Optic devices for a whole range of different solutions. Whether it is distance or electromagnetic / transient protection for the use of fibre, we do have devices to fit the application. These include many unique products specifically for Industrial Protocols.

Fibre optics for the industrial data communications industry

Fibre Optic Industrial Communication Solutions

Fast and clean communications.


Westermo Fibre Optic Modems and Media Converters

Reliable Ethernet & serial communications over fibre optic cables

Westermo’s range of fibre optic switches, media converters and modems ensure reliable communications over fibre optic cables, up to distances of 120kms. With transparent operation, our fibre optic modems act as converters for Ethernet and serial systems such as RS-232/422/485 and PROFIBUS protocols, as well as LONworks. Whether you wish to create a point to point link, a multidrop network or even a redundant ring, our fibre optic converters provide rugged, reliable communications in the harshest environments.

Fibre optic converters

Realizing network structures with fibre optic converters

Fibre optic converters with one or two ports ensure a safe and secure data transmission. Furthermore, they offer high flexibility when it comes to network structures. eks fibre optic converters connect fieldbus systems running on RS-232/422/485, Profibus and CANbus. eks offers fibre optic converters for numerous applications.

In addition a wide range of fibre based Ethernet Media Converters and Switches are also available.