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Westermo Network segregation

Network segregation

Did you know that too many industrial networks are vulnerable to wide spread cyber attacks?

Not only is it very difficult to get total control of which type of traffic that traverses an industrial network at all times. But it is even more difficult to know when something is about to go wrong which could potentially damage the entire application. Understanding this is absolutely necessary to prevent worms and viruses to spread uncontrollably throughout the network.

Westermo Layer 3 switches provide efficient means of protecting critical assets in an application through network segregation according to the security zone concept of IEC-62443. IEC-62443 is a Cyber Security standard specifically designed for industrial networks. The dynamics of the WeOS firewall allows for easily deployed traffic control out to the very edge of the network. By decentralizing the filtering in this way will cause unwanted traffic to be blocked and detected much earlier than in a centralized filtering scenario. Together with the logging functionality that WeOS provides, crucial notifications of dangerous activities can be forwarded to the control room for immediate action.

Westermo MRP Support in WeOS

MRP support in WeOS

Did you know that as of WeOS 4.22.0 Westermo now supports the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). This is an open standard ring topology protocol as specified by IEC 62439-2. Westermo switches can now be used not only to build MRP rings in new installations but also for extending or replacing devices in existing ring networks.

WeOS, Westermo Operating System, provides an extensive suite of IP networking standards allowing resilient, secure and flexible networks to be created.

WeOS - One-box Solution


Did you know that a WeOS device can be used for waking up equipment in the network, wake on LAN?

The Wake-on-LAN (WOL) feature can be used to send a wakeup command (magic packet) to a connected device. This is useful when a device is a battery powered sensor that needs to sleep to conserve power or a computer that is only occasionally required.

WeConfig can secure the project file using a password

IIoT remote access solution

Did you know that WeConfig can secure the project file using a password?

By saving a WeConfig project, all documentation of the network devices is automatically available via the click of a button. This makes it so easy and time effective to hand over the project to the customer, however when handing over the documentation it is vital that the project file is protected as it contains sensitive information that would be devastating in the wrong hands.

Reuse existing cables for ethernet

Reuse existing cables

Did you know you do not always have to replace existing cables when upgrading to Ethernet?

One of the largest costs of any upgrade from legacy serial networks to Ethernet is running new cables or fibre. The disruption to existing processes, working at night, health and safety considerations, shutting down production or the general disturbance caused by upgrading a system all have a cost in time and money. The Wolverine (DDW) series of Ethernet to SHDSL converters offers a solution to this costly issue.

The Wolverine devices convert standard Ethernet signals limited to 100m into a signal that is capable of being transmitted, bidirectionally, over a single twisted pair cable for many kilometres making it an ideal way to reuse existing cables and reduce upgrade costs. There are multiple options in the Wolverine series from simple unmanaged point to point, to managed devices that support sophisticated ring, mesh or even routed topologies.

Fully integrated into the Westermo WeConfig NCM (Network Configuration Manager) tool. Multiple Wolverine devices can be configured with the click of a mouse, from setting an IP address to the configuration of sophisticated resilient networks and Cyber security features. Saving, even more, time and effort during the installation and commissioning process.

IIoT remote access solution from Westermo

IIoT remote access solution

Did you know that WeConfig can secure the project file using a password?

There is a great deal of interest at the moment regarding IIoT and remote access to network assets anywhere in the world. From coffee makers to ship propulsion system, there is a growing realisation that reducing support cost and management of SLA (Service Level Agreement) will be significantly enhanced using IIoT remote access. IIoT can be used to gather telemetry data, diagnose issues or update systems, without the need to attend the installation. The concept is not new, Westermo has been building industrial modems for remote serial access for decades. The difference now is the media has changed from a dial-up telephone line to any media connected to the internet, from wireless mobile to satellite.

The WeConnect system from Westermo offers a flexible and secure solution for remote connectivity across the internet for all IIoT connectivity requirements, from machine manufacture and support to utilities. Based on the core values of easy to use, secure and resilience. WeConnect requires no technical knowledge to administer, yet the links to the remote locations are protected by the highest levels of cybersecurity encryption. To ensure complete data isolation of each WeConnect instance each user is hosted on a separate secure server. Triplicated geographically separated host sites ensure the maximum availability of the WeConnect system. In the unlikely event of a total loss of a hosting centre, the next best hosting location takes over the complete operation of WeConnect.