Although many industrial networks run on Ethernet, there are huge volumes of serial based devices being implemented in the industrial field globally. These include such protocols as Modbus, DNP3 and Profibus. These devices need to communicate with one another, as well as interface to new Ethernet based applications.

Multidrop modems for industrial automation

For applications where several serial RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 devices need to be connected together over large distances, on either fibre or copper, the Westermo range of industrial multidrop modems ensure reliable communications in the harshest environments. Our multidrop modems act as transparent line sharers, where a master device needs to communicate with a number of slaves, for example, data being collected from a number of substations and then transmitted back to a SCADA.

Industrial converters for industrial protocols

Westermo can supply a range of converters / repeaters to suit a whole host of industrial protocols and communication methods, including Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS DP, M-Bus and 20mA current loop. Whether you need a fibre media converter for an Ethernet link, a serial converter, or a repeater for an RS-422/485 network, you can rest assure that Westermo have a solution which will operate in the harshest industrial environments and provide robust, reliable communications for peace of mind.

Converting or repeating serial data is made easy by Westermo

Westermo manufacture an extensive range of industrial serial converters and repeaters. Whether you wish to convert between Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-422 or RS-485, extend a serial network, provide a gateway between Modbus RTU or ASCII and Modbus TCP, convert between 2-wire and 4-wire applications, or even provide isolation between serial devices, Westermo has a solution. Our industrial serial converters / repeaters are designed for use in harsh environments and ensure rugged, reliable communications.

Designing and installing an RS485 Serial Network

RS-422/485, Repeater/Isolator

According to the standard the RS-422/485 interface is able to support a total of 32 connected devices and a transmission range of up to 1200 meters (4000 ft).

A repeater can be used to extend the range by an extra 1200 metres or to add another 32 connected devices. Up to 8 repeaters can be used in a single network.

The RD-48 can also allow star networks to be created, provide galvanic isolation between segments and correct termination of the line.

RS-232, Point-to-point

The MD-12 is used in point-to-point applications or as a start and end modem in a multidrop installation with products using W1 technology.

Westermo’s ±10 mA balanced current loop (W1) transmission technique makes it possible to transmit data up to 18 km (11.2mi) at low data rates on a 4-wire cable. At shorter ranges transmission rates up to 38.4 kbit/s can be achieved.

RS-232 & 422/485 Repeaters/Isolators

This unit are used to extend distances and/or to provide galvanic isolation between different equipment in installations where ground potentials may cause problems. The MD-52 is used together with RS-232 equipment and the RD-48 with RS-422/485.

RS-232, Multidrop

Westermo’s ±10 mA balanced current loop (W1) transmission technique makes it possible to transmit data up to 18 km (11.2 mi) at low data rates on a 4-wire cable. At shorter ranges transmission rates up to 38.4 kbit/s can be achieved.

The LD-01 is also available in a ”by-pass” version. This model ensures that if a modem in the multidrop network should fail that modem will be by-passed, hence not effecting the communications between other units on the network.

When you need to extend RS-232 beyond the 15m limit

The Westermo range of industrial short haul modems ensures your serial RS-232 communications remain reliable up to 18 km / 11 miles. Our short haul modems act as point to point RS-232 line drivers and are designed to operate in harsh environments. Total galvanic isolation, transient protection and industrial level EMC immunity are standard features in Westermo modems in order to provide a rugged, robust solution for the most unforgiving environments.

Reliable serial communications over fibre optic cables

Westermo’s range of fibre optic modems ensure reliable communications over fibre optic cables, up to distances of 120kms. With transparent operation, our fibre optic modems act as converters for serial systems such as RS-232/422/485 and PROFIBUS protocols. Whether you wish to create a point to point link, a multidrop network or even a redundant ring, our fibre optic converters provide rugged, reliable communications in the harshest environments.