Edge network solutions by Westermo

Edge Network Solutions

Edge Networks Solutions have been developed by Westermo to meet the demands of mission critical networks. WeOS software, robust hardware, industry approvals and network tools are the cornerstones of Edge Network Solutions and when combined they create the most resilient and robust solutions for any mission critical network.

Westermo OS

Made Easy network operating system

Westermo delivers resilient network solutions through its WeOS operating system, which is at the heart of our range of robust hardware platforms. WeOS provides an extensive suite of IP networking standards allowing resilient and flexible networks to be created. Fast recovery times and highly reliable solutions can be achieved even in very complex networks. WeOS also provides multiple layers of security to provide protection against cyber-attacks at the network edge.

Simple and flexible configuration

Made Easy is at the core of the WeOS development, which is why we ensure our intuitive command-line interface is logical and our web interface is simple to use.

Resilient network solutions

Leading they way with mission critical networks

WeOS supports a range of layer 2 switching functions that provide resilient, rapid recovering redundant ring Ethernet networks. In addition to these functions WeOS provides additional layer 3 networking functionality including routing, firewalls and VPN remote access.

Solutions for mission critical networks

WeOS supports a range of layer 2 switching functions that provide resilient, rapid recovering redundant ring Ethernet networks. In addition to these functions WeOS provides additional layer 3 networking functionality including routing, firewalls and VPN remote access.

FRNT Ring coupling

Network operation with multiple network media failures

On a solar plant the panels are in constant and controlled motion to ensure that they are always facing the optimum direction for power generation. During daylight hours every second earns money for the operator of the plant. A network failure will massively impact on the ability of the network to operate at 100% efficiency so resilience is critical.

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Networking made easy

WeConfig is a network configuration management tool that makes it easy to configure single or multiple Westermo devices. WeConfig simplifies both the initial installation of a network and ongoing maintenance once commissioned.

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Multilink Dual Homing

Multiple connections to a single device

Security and resilience are essential for fresh water applications. In this particular example all installed equipment needs to have connection to both of the redundant rings, which WeOS provides. A major benefit of using a WeOS product is that with the ever increasing worry of cyber-attack the built in firewall means that a single device can solve two network issues in a simple reliable package.

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Ring Coupling and Dual Homing

Fast recovery time and resilience for complex solutions

Safety is the overriding design criterion for the systems in a modern road tunnel. In the event of an incident it is important to be able to prevent more people entering the tunnel. By the use of Multilink dual homing together with FRNT ring coupling protocol a resilient rapid recovery network is possible.

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WeOS the solution provider

Westermo WeOS - Operating system

All new products from Westermo are based on the WeOS operating system. This means that regardless of which product, you will benefit from the massive development of our unique software platform. Our standard managed switches will now have advanced layer 3 functionality such as routing, firewalls, VPN, SNMP, IGMP, redundant rings and much more right from the start. Choose your product by interface and approval requirements, and WeOS will cover your networking needs.

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Robust hardware

The most robust and reliable hardware on the market

Westermo Robust hardware

All WeOS products are manufactured at our production facility in Sweden to the highest quality standards and designed and externally verified to work in the harshest industrial environments over a long service life. Westermo products are designed and tested to operate at extreme temperatures and in environments with high levels of vibration and EMC interference. Westermo products can cold start at -40°C and operate up to 70°C with no cooling holes that would allow the ingress of dust.

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Robust industrial routing switch

RedFox - Robust routing performance and many different port configurations.

Compact industrial switch

Lynx - Offering advanced switching and routing capability, and legacy serial connectivity, all in an extremely compact housing.

Industrial broadband router

Falcon - The world’s first VDSL2 remote access router.

Ultra robust routing switch

Viper - Designed to meet the stringent requirements to operate on trains, these switches are the pinnacle of robust design.

Industrial Ethernet extender

Wolverine - Extend networks over extreme distances using existing telecoms cables.

Industry approvals

Westermo industry approvals

All Westermo products are designed for use in heavy duty industrial applications and undergo tests both by Westermo and external test houses to meet many EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards as well as industry specific approvals and certifications, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments.

Marine approved products

See our range of DNV approved products for marine and offshore applications.

EX approved products

See our range of EX, IECEx and class 1, div 2 approved products for hazardous areas.

Products for trains

See our range of EN50155 approved products for train networks

Products for trackside applications

See our range of EN50121-4 approved products for rail trackside applications

Network Configuration Management Tool

WeConfig is a Network Configuration Management (NCM) Tool. It was developed to provide a simple method of network configuration of single or multiple Westermo devices. Once installed on a PC, the software scans the network for devices. Once the scan is complete a list of devices as well as a mini topology map is displayed. Now, basic configuration information like IP addresses can be quickly assigned and further configuration easily facilitated.

WeConfig is a simple monitoring and diagnostics tool in addition to its configuration capabilities. To achieve resilience WeOS devices automatically reconfigure themselves so the processes running on the network are unaffected. What this means however is that the user may be unaware that a failure has occurred. WeConfig graphically displays a failed link, as well as record the time of the event. WeConfig also include an SNMP traps log feature, as well as a view of communication details to assist with any resulting problem diagnosis. An alarm and event tab summarises received traps in a user-friendly interface.

Rapid configuration of new network components saving time
  1. Network Scan to discover devices
  2. Simplified and rapid network address allocation
  3. Easy access to web based or CLI configuration interfaces
  4. Simple download of configuration file
Network monitoring and diagnostics
  1. Graphical display of a failed link
  2. Log function for detecting intermittent link failure
  3. Communication statistics overview
  4. Alarm and event tab
Easy maintenance of network components
  1. Simple backup and storage of configuration files
  2. Easy restoration of configuration file onto replacement unit
  3. Controlled firmware version upgrade method
  4. Support for DDM transceiver
Network configuration information readily available
  1. Automatically learned network topology
  2. Functionality for optimised FRNT/RSTP configuration
  3. Configurable network topology map
  4. Device property screen