Expand your skillset with Westermo Academy

Expand your skillset with Westermo Academy

Learn with our experts and increase your knowledge of industrial data communication with Westermo Academy. Offering flexible online and in-person training, Westermo Academy will provide certified courses to network engineers wherever they are located around the world, ensuring they have the expertise needed to maximise the performance and reliability of industrial networks.

Why Learn at the Westermo Academy?

Knowledge and Experience

Having the right knowledge and skill will increase productivity and performance and is key to the success of a project. The knowledge attained in any Westermo course will boost careers and build relationships.

Business Efficiency

Westermo instructors are experienced and have deep knowledge of not only Westermo equipment, but also often the connected equipment and applications, as well as experience from many different industries.

Flexible Training Platform

Westermo Academy offers a flexible training platform where courses can be chosen according to your time table and needs, in local languages. The courses offer hands on experience with Westermo equipment.

Courses are available either in person or online

Introduction to IP [ 3 hours ]

This course welcomes you into the Westermo Certified Program and gives you the basic skills in order to understand industrial networks. Starting with the basics, you will learn about different media types, IP addresses, subnetting and OSI model.

Introduction to WeOS [ 2-4 hours ]

Westermo’s operating system, WeOS, is a powerful tool that enables a huge range of technologies and protocols for any industrial network. This course introduces you to WeOS and teaches you how to set up your WeOS device, the basics such as password and factory reset, and introduces our own industrial networking configuration tool, WeConfig.

Certified Engineer - Switching [ 3 Days ]
on Thyssenkrupp shiploader system at the Port of Durban

Layer 2, or switched networks, brings in many great features, such as redundancy. The first step in the Westermo Certified Training program welcomes you to understand redundancy, VLANs and how to use WeConfig to configure your network

Certified Engineer - Routing [ 3 days ]

Layer 3 switches have the added benefit of using routing technologies to provide further redundancy and open the door to securing the network. Some devices also include to the use of legacy technologies such as RS232 or RS485. This course provides the opportunity to learn about routing, firewalls, cyber security and serial over IP.