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SST PC Card [2]


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SST PC Card [4]

What is DeviceNet?

DeviceNet is a network system used in the automation industry to interconnect control devices for data exchange. It utilizes the Common Industrial Protocol over a Controller Area Network media layer and defines an application layer to cover a range of device profiles. Typical applications include information exchange, safety devices, and large I/O control networks.

DeviceNet was originally developed by American company Allen-Bradley (now owned by Rockwell Automation). It is an application layer protocol on top of the CAN (Controller Area Network) technology, developed by Bosch.[2] DeviceNet adapts the technology from the Common Industrial Protocol and takes advantage of CAN, making it low-cost and robust compared to the traditional RS-485 based protocols.

In order to promote the use of DeviceNet worldwide, Rockwell Automation has adopted the "open" concept and decided to share the technology to third party vendors. Hence it is now managed by ODVA, an independent organization located in North America. ODVA maintains specifications of DeviceNet and oversees advances to DeviceNet. In addition, ODVA ensures compliance to DeviceNet standards by providing conformance testing and vendor conformity.

ODVA later decided to bring DeviceNet back to its predecessor's umbrella and collectively refer to the technology as the Common Industrial Protocol or CIP, which includes the following technologies:

EtherNet/IP ControlNet DeviceNet

ODVA claims high integrity between the three technologies due to the common protocol adaptation, which makes industrial controls much simpler compared to other technologies.