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Designing Ethernet Networks for Automation & Control Systems

Designing Managed Ethernet Networks
for Automation & Control Systems

Ethernet has become the Industrial Networking standard. While it has brought much needed flexibility, the Controls & Automation Engineer is facing a host of issues – different industrial Ethernet network protocols and their features, Layer 2 & 3 management functions, security of the network devices and the control systems that run on them. Control systems are now being targeted and are at risk.

What are the various features available, as well as the threats and what does a Controls Engineer need to be aware of to design, manage, protect and secure his network and system integrity?

This presentation is designed to provide a “hands on” approach and will cover what you need to know to design a rugged and flexible network while ensuring your Control System is protected from threats.

It will cover the following topics:

  • Design and maintenance tools to speed up network design, testing and commissioning and monitoring
  • Layer 2 & 3 Management Functions for Industrial Networks
  • Network Addressing and Types of Traffic
  • Fault Tolerant Networks
  • Intrusion Protection and Detection [Cyber Security]
  • Ethernet Protocols for Industry (limitations and features)
  • Network-to-network protection

These presentations are usually small in numbers so that maximum learning occurs.

Seats are limited. Booking is essential.

Who Should Attend?

Controls and Automation Engineers and Specialists.

Technical & application facts will be presented and there will be a question & answer session.

Friday, 31 August 2018
10H30 - (2 hours) - 12H30
Throughput Technologies,
42 Thembi Place Office Park,
15 Calderwood Road, Lonehill
GPS Coords:
26o 0' 59.64" S,  28o 1' 43.96" E [ Google Maps ]

Refreshments will be provided.

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